4.6 Editing an RMS Definition File

The following sections explain how to interactively create or modify an RMS definition file with filedef, or other programs that invoke filedef (e.g. toolkit and lfedit).

An RMS definition file contains the following information:

1. File Access Method

1. Primary Key Ordering

1. Duplicate Key Handling

1. Field Descriptions

1. Primary Key Field Names

1. Secondary Key Field Names

There are four different data entry forms for entering the above information into an RMS definition file.

File Definition Defines the File Access Method, Primary Key Ordering, and Duplicate Key Handling (items 1-3).

Field Description Defines the individual Field Descriptions (item 4). This form repeats once for each field in the RMSfile.

Primary Key Field Names Defines the Primary Key (item 5). This form does not repeat, since only one Primary Key is allowed.

Secondary Key Field Names Defines zero or more Secondary Keys; this form repeats once for each Secondary Key defined.

The method for entering data into these forms is outlined in C/Base Tutorial Manual Chapter 3, Creating the Demonstration System Files in the User Interface section. Although some review is provided in the following sections, their primary purpose is to describe each of the items listed above.