File Description Function Keys

The following table describes the function keys available in the File Description form:

File Definition Form                                                                                        

Function Keys

GOLD <F1> First key of a multi-key function. The Gold functions are listed at the end of this table.      


PREVIOUS <F2> Not available.


NEXT <F3> Not available.


UPDATE <F4> Updates the File Definition form if one already exists. After entering changes, press the

STORE <F5> key. Pressing the UPDATE key while in UPDATE mode redisplays the original field values.


STORE <F5> Stores the current File Definitions form that you are adding or updating.


ADD <F6> Adds a File Definition if one does not already exist. Press the STORE key to record the new File



SWITCH <F7> Displays the Field Description form.


EXIT <F8> Writes the RMS definition file and exists.


HOME <F1>gifs/00000005.gif Moves the cursor to the File Access Method field in the form.


CLEAR <F1>4 Clears the current form in ADD or UPDATE mode.


DELETE <F1>d Deletes the File Definition. The form is cleared to indicate that it has been deleted.


HELP <F1>h Displays on-line help.


REFRESH <F1>r Redisplays the screen.


CANCEL <F1>x Cancels ADD or UPDATE mode.