4.10 RMS Definition File Maintenance

The following sections provide sample techniques for performing RMS Definition File maintenance. Toolkit automatically maintains the RMS definition file as you work with RMSfiles, so you normally do not need to maintain RMS definition files yourself. For more information about the commands shown, see Chapter 12, C/Base Commands.

RMS definition files are not kept in the database catalog. Toolkit and lfedit assume that an RMSfile's pathname has the word data in it (e.g. data\mag or gl\data\ledger) and the pathname of the RMS definition file is the same as the pathname of the RMSfile pathname with data replaced by def. The RMS definition files for the two previous examples would be def\mag and gl\data\mag.

Toolkit assumes there is a one to one relationship between an RMSfile and an RMS definition file, and that the RMS definition file is always available. With the RMS definition file maintenance commands, you can create many RMSfiles from one RMS definition file, and you can remove an RMS definition file after you've created an RMSfile with it. If you do this, however, your database will not be compatible with toolkit.