4.10.4 Creating an RMSfile from an RMS Definition File

You can create an RMSfile from an RMS definition file several ways. The recommended way is:

c:\> lfadmin -c -L logged -C "comment" lname directory deffile

Lfname is the logical name of the new RMSfile. If lfname does not explicitly name a database, you must specify a default database as follows before invoking lfadmin:

c:\> set DBASE=dbname

The new RMSfile is created in directory; it should contain the word data if is to be compatible with toolkit. Directory can be an absolute pathname or a pathname relative to the database home directory.

Deffile is the pathname of the RMS definition file. To maintain toolkit compatibility, the pathname you specify should be in the directory named by replacing data in directory with def, and have the same name as the RMSfile.

Logged should be yes to enable transaction logging for the new RMSfile, or no to disable transaction logging.

Comment is a description, or comment, that is placed in the database catalog for the new RMSfile.