5.2 Invoking Form

Form is invoked by the command:

c:\> form [ -qfuadvkb ] formfile

The flags specify what data entry modes are allowed. The letters stand for query, find, update, add, and delete. If a letter is missing, the corresponding mode is not allowed. If no flags are specified, only QUERY and FIND modes are allowed. Specifying only certain modes can restrict users to only adding records, updating records, deleting records, etc.

The v flag sets the data entry modes for validation forms. Normally only the QUERY and FIND modes are allowed on validation forms. If you specify the v flag, the modes allowed for other forms are also allowed on validation forms.

The k flag allows the user to exit from form by typing the Interrupt key or the Quit key.

The b flag suppresses the copyright message that form usually displays as it starts.

The formfile parameter is the name of the formfile you created with toolkit, formedit, or formdef. Formfile can be a logical name or a path name. See Chapter 2, Databases for more information about logical names.