5.3.3 Editing Formfiles with Formdef

Formdef is invoked by the command:

c:\> formdef [-c] formfile [newformfile]

The -c flag is rarely used. Specify the -c flag if the forms will only be displayed on terminals that do not need space to stop or start display enhancements. This flag is more fully explained in the Entering the Actual Form section.

The formfile and newformfile parameters may be path names or logical names. If you use a logical name, however, it must already exist. Formdef will not create new logical formfiles. If formfile is a path name and does not exist, formdef creates a new formfile. Otherwise, formdef reads the form descriptions in formfile. When you exit the formdef command, the new or updated form descriptions are written to formfile unless the optional parameter, newformfile, is present. In this case, the original formfile is not modified and formdef writes the forms to newformfile.