5.4 Building a Form

There are three steps needed to describe a data entry form. First, information describing the form is entered using the Form Description screen. After the form description is entered, a blank screen is displayed, so that the actual form can be created. The cursor can be moved about so that text can be typed and fields added. Each time a data entry field is to be added, the ADD <F6> key is pressed, and a Field Description screen is used to enter information about the field. After storing the field description, the Field Description screen is erased, and the form being built is redisplayed. The fields added are shown in reverse video or indicated with underline characters if the field is not an entry field. This process is repeated until the entire form with all its fields has been completed.

It is then possible to go back to the Form Description screen and start entering the description for another data entry form. As many as twenty different forms can be stored in one formfile. These forms are all stored together in the formfile and can all be used during a data entry session with form.