5.15 Copy Field Values

Another field attribute that can be used in a screen field causes form to copy into that field the contents of a previous field with the same name. This is most useful when multiple forms are being used, and a data value in the first form must be duplicated in a field in the second form. This is done by entering yes into the Copy from previous field field on the Field Description form for the field in the second form.

The copy from previous field process causes form to start searching backwards through all the previous fields starting with the last field on the previous form until a field with the same name is found. Form only searches the forms previous to the current form. The contents of that field is copied into the field that has the Copy from previous field field set to yes. This is done at the same time field initializations are done, i.e., when a new form is displayed. If such a field also is a data entry field (Entry Allowed is yes), the operator can change the value that was copied into the field. This feature makes it possible to propagate an invoice number or customer number throughout several forms without the user having to type the same value in each form.

As with initialized fields, copy fields also participate in a QUERY and FIND if they are not changed by the user. Copy fields are set at the same time that initializations are done, so they are set each time a QUERY is started.

Before showing an example using the copy option, some other abilities of form that have not yet been mentioned will be discussed.