6.8.2 Functions

Expressions can contain the following built in functions

Table 6-4: Functions                                                           

Function Description                                                            

boolean (e1) Convert e1 to boolean                                              

character  (e1) Convert e1 to character                                         

date (e1) Convert e1 to date                                                    

delta (e1) Difference between new and old value of e1                           

format  (e1,e2) Format e1 using pattern e2                                      

integer (e1) Convert e1 to integer                                              

long (e1) Convert e1 to long integer                                            

match (e1,e2) Match e1 with pattern e2                                          

money (e1) Convert e1 to money                                                  

real (e1) Convert e1 to real                                                    

result (e1) Result of last match                                                

round (e1) Round e1 to nearest unit                                             

string (e1) Convert e1 to string                                                

strleft (e1, e2) Left e2 characters of e1                                       

strlen (e1) Length of string e1                                                 

strmid (e1,e2,e3) Middle characters of e1                                       

strright (e1, e2) Right e2 characters of e1                                     

time (e1) Convert e1 to time