7.4 Editing Reportfiles with Wtrdef

Wtrdef is an interactive program that uses forms on the screen to create or modify visual reportfiles. The syntax for wtrdef is:

c:\> wtrdef rptfile [newrptfile]

The rptfile and newrptfile arguments may be pathnames or logical names. If you use a logical reportfile name, however, an entry for the logical reportfile must already exist. Wtrdef does not create new logical reportfiles. If rptfile is a pathname and does not exist, wtrdef creates a new visual reportfile. Otherwise wtrdef reads the report description in rptfile. When you exit the wtrdef command, the new or updated report description is written to rptfile unless the optional argument, newrptfile, is present. In this case, the original rptfile is not modified and wtrdef writes the report description to newrptfile.

When using toolkit or rptedit, only logical reportfiles are accessed. Both toolkit and rptedit determine the pathname for existing logical reports, and when creating logical reportfiles, determine the new pathname for the reportfile.