7.11 Selecting Records in Reports

In the previous example we created a reportfile which prints a line for each magazine on file. Often times, it isn't necessary to print all of the records in an RMSfile. In many cases only certain records in a file are to be included. Processing only these required records is referred to as record selection. There are fields on the Report Description form that can be used to enter the criteria for record selection. These are the fields labeled Field Name, Condition, and Value. The basic idea involved in record selection is to express the relationship which must exist between a data field value in the report's RMSfile and some other value in order for a record to be selected. The other value may be a string, number, wtr parameter, or that of another data field, and any one of the following tests may be performed:

Condition Test Performed

EQ equal

GE greater than or equal to

GT greater than

LE less than or equal to

LT less than

NE not equal