8.1 Introduction

This chapter describes the C/Base programs menu and menudef. An introduction to these programs was provided in the C/Base Tutorial Manual Chapter 6, Creating the Demonstration System Menu, although in that chapter they were themselves menu selections from the Menus menu in toolkit(C-1).

Menu is a general purpose program that displays a set of choices on a screen and allows the operator to select a particular choice. Associated with each choice is a command or set of commands which is executed when the choice is selected.

Menudef builds the description file, called a menufile, for menu in a visual, east to use manner. You can use menudef to create menufiles as an alternative to creating them with a text editor. While there are some complex menus that menudef cannot produce, you will find that menudef can produce most menus quickly. For more complex menus, you can still use menudef to create most of the menu, and then add the final touches to the menufile with a text editor.