8.4.1 Selecting a Menu Choice

A menu choice is selected by 'pointing' the menu cursor at the desired choice and pressing the Return key. On screens that can display reverse video, the menu cursor highlights the selected choice in reverse video. On other screens, the menu cursor is a pair of parentheses surrounding the current choice.

The menu cursor can be moved in several ways. The Arrow keys move the cursor in the direction of the arrow. The Space Bar moves the cursor down one choice. As an alternative to the Arrow keys, you may type the beginning letter(s) of a choice to move the menu cursor directly to the choice.

When you select the desired menu choice with the Return key, menu does the following:

gifs/20000000.gif Clears the screen and displays the menu choice at the top of the screen.

gifs/20000000.gif Executes the commands associated with the choice.

gifs/20000000.gif If the commands finish abnormally (the exit status is nonzero), menu displays

press RETURN to return to the menu ...

allowing you to read any error messages before redisplaying the menu

gifs/20000000.gif Clears the screen and redisplays the menu with the menu cursor on the last selected choice.

The Up and Down Arrow keys only move the menu cursor to a choice that begins in the same screen column as the current choice, and the Left and Right Arrows only move the menu cursor to a choice on the same screen row as the current choice.

If there is a choice that does not appear in the same row or column as any other choice, the only way you can move the menu cursor to that choice is to type the first letter of the choice.