Adding a Menu Description

To add a new menu, press ADD <F6> from the Menu Description form or the Menu File Description form. Menudef enters ADD mode, and you can enter data into the fields in the Menu Description form. There are three ways to leave ADD mode:

gifs/20000000.gif Press STORE <F5> to store the new menu and switch to the Menu Picture screen.

gifs/20000000.gif Press CANCEL (<F1> followed by the X) to cancel the new menu and return to NO mode.

gifs/20000000.gif Press DELETE (<F1> followed by the D) to delete the new menu and return to NO mode.

When you ADD a new menu, it is inserted in sequence after the current menu or as the first menu if there is no current menu. This sequence defines the order of menus that you access with the NEXT and PREVIOUS function keys in menudef. When menu starts, it displays the first menu in the sequence (unless menu is invoked with the -f firstmenu flag).

In ADD mode, the function keys are:

Table 8-5: Menu Description Keys (ADD mode)

Name Key Function

GOLD <F1> Prefix for additional functions.

STORE <F5> Store the new Menu Description in the menufile and switch to the Menu Picture screen.

CANCEL <F1>X Cancel this menu.

DELETE <F1>D Delete this menu.

HELP <F1>H Display help information.

REFRESH <F1>R Redisplay this screen.