8.6.7 Entering a Parameter Field Description

Each Parameter Field Description form describes a menu variable name that is assigned a value when menu displays the parameter form and data entry is allowed in the parameter field. The value entered into this field is accessible by the commands menu executes (for more information on menu variables, see section 8.6.9). There are one or more parameter fields in each parameter form. The screen below shows the Parameter Field Description form.


When entering or updating a Field Description form, the ADD <F6>, SWITCH <F7>, and EXIT <F8> keys are ignored. Table 8-15 lists the function keys that are available when in the Parameter Field Description form.

Table 8-15: Parameter Field Description Form Function Keys

Name Key(s) Function

GOLD <F1> Prefix for additional functions.

UPDATE <F4> Restore Parameter Field Description form fields to values before UPDATE (UPDATE mode only).

STORE <F5> Store the Field Description in the menufile and return to the Parameter Picture.

CANCEL <F1>X Cancel this field.

DELETE <F1>D Delete this field (ADD mode only).

HELP <F1>H Display help information.

REFRESH <F1>R Redisplay this screen.

CLEAR <F1>4 Clear all entry fields.