8.6.8 Substitutions

Before each line of a command is scanned and executed, or a prompt, parameter form, or choice is displayed, patterns in the text are replaced according to Table 8-17. Substitution patterns can only be used when the built-in menu commands are enabled.

The quote character c is the first character of the value of the variable QUOTEC. If QUOTEC has not been defined, or is the null string, none of the substitutions involving c are done.

To prevent the special action of the characters ',$, and the quote character (if it is defined), must be preceded by a quote character.

Table 8-17: Substitutions

Pattern Replaced value

c A quote character followed by any character is replaced by the character, and is not further substituted (for example, if the quote character is a back slash, \$A is replaced by $A).

cb Back space character.

cf Form feed character.

cn New line (line feed) character.

cr Carriage return character.

ct Tab character.

cnnn Character nnn, where nnn is an octal number.

'DOS command' The DOS command is executed, and the standard output from the command replaces the pattern.

$# The number of args on the menu command line plus one.

$n The n'th argument on the menu command line, where n is a decimal number from 0 to the number of arguments. Argument 0 is the name (prompt) of the menu choice for choice commands, or the name of the menu (menufile) for menu (menufile) commands.

$variable The value of the specified DOS or menu environment variable.