10.7.1 Operators

The operators supported in conditions are similar to those found in other languages. In the Report Writer, a choice can be made between a symbol or letter abbreviation of the operator. The choice will not affect the type of operation done, it merely allows the resulting program to read a little more like English. The following list shows the operators supported by the Report Writer:

Operator Action

! or NOT logical negation of cond1

| or OR cond1 inclusive or'd with cond2

& or AND cond1 and'd with cond2

< or LT exp1 is less than exp2

<= or LE exp1 is less than or equal to exp2

> or GT exp1 is greater than exp2

>= or GE exp1 is greater than or equal to exp2

!= or NE exp1 is not equal to exp2

= or EQ exp1 is equal to exp2

The evaluation of a condition results in two possible outcomes: true or false. A condition is said to be false when the result is zero. Any other result is assumed to be true. All of the relational and logical operators produce either a one or zero (for true and false, respectively).