11.1 Introduction

Several of the C/Base programs work interactively with a video screen and keyboard, which shall be referred to as a terminal throughout the remainder of this chapter. Each of these programs uses a small set of routines to perform terminal input and output functions. These routines provide a method of using a wide variety of terminals in a manner that is transparent to the program.

All of these functions use a terminal definition which contains the escape sequences sent and received by the particular type of terminal. The C/Base software supports both its own method of creating or updating a terminal definition (i.e., termset).

The first method uses the C/Base termset program. This program creates a file in the directory cbasedir\escape for each terminal defined. The terminal definition file has the same name as the terminal name, and it contains the escape sequences sent and received by the terminal.

It is important to note that the information contained in this chapter should not be considered exhaustive, as its purpose is simply to provide sufficient information to enable the user to create or modify a termset terminal definition. System administrators and programmers should see C/Base Utilities Manual Chapter 2, Terminal Independent I/O for additional information.