addlf - add a logical RMSfile to the database catalog


addlf dbname lfname descr sysname [logged] [real]


This command is for internal RMSfile catalog maintenance only. It is run only by other C/Base commands.

Addlf adds a logical RMSfile entry into the RMSfile catalog. It is intended for use in converting old applications to C/Base.

Dbname specifies the database name of the logical file. This name must be defined as a valid database name.

Lfname specifies the logical name for the RMSfile. Logical file names must be unique within a catalog.

Descr is a description of the contents of the logical RMSfile. The system only uses this field for documentation purposes. If not desired, this argument must be specified as a null string ("").

Sysname specifies the system pathname of the logical RMSfile. This can be an absolute pathname (e.q. \cbase\demo\data\mag, or a pathname relative to the home directory of the database data\mag).

Logged is an optional argument that indicates if changes to the logical RMSfile contents are to be logged. If this argument is yes, the named database must have defined a logfile. The default value for logged is no.

Real indicates if this is a real file or not. For now, this value must be yes. The default value for real is yes.


createlf(C-1), deletelf(C-1), lfadmin(C-1), lfupd(C-1), makelf(C-1).


Addlf only changes the C/Base database catalog. The actual RMSfile is not changed or created.

Addlf may not be supplied in future releases.

The C/Base command lfadmin(C-1) performs the operations of addlf(C-1), createlf(C-1), dbfile(C-1) and removelf(C-1). The binary program for lfadmin is copied to each of the above programs for backwards compatibility. In addition, for all programs copied from the lfadmin program, each one has a corresponding resource file copied from the lfadmin resource file (\cbase\lib\cbase\resource\lfadmin.r).