cdict - build a data dictionary for an RMSfile


cdict n datafile deffile


Cdict reads lines from the RMS definition file deffile and builds a new RMS dictionary file for datafile. If an old dictionary file exists for datafile, it is replaced by the new dictionary. N is the maximum number of records to be stored in the RMSfile. This argument is used only if datafile is a hashed RMSfile. If N is not prime, it is silently increased to the next larger prime number.

It is permissible for the third argument, deffile, to instead be an RMS dictionary file. This is used by commands like expandlf(C-1) during the process of increasing the number of records in an RMSfile. Do not use cdict itself to change an RMSfile, use convrtlf(C-1), expandlf(C-1), lfadmin(C-1), lfedif(C-1), or makelf(C-1).

The RMS data file is not reformatted to the new RMS dictionary. In fact, the RMS data file need not even exist. Cdict only creates an RMS dictionary file for a given RMSfile name. This program is intended to be used in other programs.


convrtlf(C-1), expandlf(C-1), lfadmin(C-1), lfedit(C-1), makelf(C-1).