creport - build a Visual Reportfile


creport [textfile] rptfile


Creport reads lines from the file textfile or the standard input if textfile is omitted, and builds a visual reportfile in rptfile. The input file, textfile, is of the type output by the preport -d command. The output file, rptfile, is a visual reportfile of the type created by the wtrdef command. If rptfile already exists, it is replaced by the new reportfile. Rptfile can be the name of a logical reportfile or the pathname for a reportfile.

The visual reportfile created can be used by wtrdef(c-1), grace(C-1), or preport(C-1). This program is intended mainly to be used in porting visual report files created with wtrdef. Once ported to C/Base Ver. 3.8; all visual reports are portable (without conversion) across all C/Base Ver. 3.8 computing platforms.


wtrdef(C-1), grace(C-1), preport(C-1).

C/Base Utilities Manual Chapter 6, Transferring C/Base Applications.


This program is only available with the C/Base Utilities software package.