csort - sort pull(C-1) style text lines


csort [ -flags ] [ -o outputfile ] [ inputfile ]


Csort sorts text lines from the named file and writes the result on the standard output file if no output file is specified. If no input file is specified, the standard input file is read.

The default sort key is the entire text line. The order in which fields are compared and how the comparisons are done can be changed by specifying one or more flags.

The input format is expected to be similar to the output from pull(C-1). Each field is separated from the next by the ^ character.

The format of a flag is -#rn. The # is a string of numeric digits which indicates a field number (0 is the first field). If r is specified, the sense of the comparisons is reversed (descending order). Specifying n means the field is to be compared using numeric comparisons. The order of the flags determines the order of field comparisons.

The -o flag causes the next argument to be used as an output file instead of the default standard output. This file can be the same as the input file.


pull(C-1), sort(1).



\tmp\st* temporary file or

$TMPDIR\st* temporary file