dbrm - completely remove a database


dbrm [-vxy] dbname


Dbrm removes a database from the system. Before actually removing the database itself, all of the logical RMSfiles, reportfiles and formfiles defined for the database are removed. Then, the home directory of the database and everything below that directory is removed.

Normally, when dbrm is run, a message is displayed to warn you about what is to happen. If you decide against removing the database, enter no and nothing is changed.

With the -v flag selected, progress information is displayed on standard output. The -x flag displays commands run by dbrm. If the -y flag is selected, no confirmation is required to remove the database dbname.

You must have permission to remove all the logical files and the home directory of the database for this command to succeed.


lfrm(C-1), rptrm(C-1), formrm(C-1).



Once removed, the only way to recover a database is to either re-enter it or restore it from backups.