dprint - print the contents of an RMSfile


dprint datafile [ selectionfields ]


Dprint reads the specified RMSfile and produces on the standard output a text listing of all the fields of each selected record. Output is generated only if the data values in the record fall within the bounds specified by the selectionfield arguments.

A selectionfield argument has one of the following formats:

fieldname>value greater than

fieldname>=value greater than or equal to

fieldname=value equal to

fieldname<>value not equal to

fieldname<=value less than or equal to

fieldname<value less than

Only records that have values within the bounds specified generate output. The value part of a selectionfield may be missing in which case the selectionfield is ignored. If there are several selectionfields, the record is output only if it meets all the selectionfield conditions. Each selectionfield should be enclosed in quotes to prevent the shell from interpreting the > and < symbols.

This command is intended mainly for debugging. The output generated for each selected record consists of the record number of the record followed by a listing of the contents of each field in the record, one per line, in the format: