filedef - create or maintain RMS definition files


filedef deffile [ newdeffile ]


Filedef is a program used to create and modify RMS definition files used to create new RMSfiles.

The first argument to filedef specifies the name of the deffile to be created or modified. It contains a description for one file, what type of organization is used, definitions for each field of the file, and definitions of primary and secondary key fields. When filedef exits, the additions and changes made are written to this file.

The optional newdeffile argument specifies an alternate output file name. If this argument is specified, the output from filedef is written to this file, and the deffile file is not changed.


convrtlf(C-1), expandlf(C-1), lfadmin(C-1), makelf(C-1).

Chapter 4, Creating RMSfiles.