formdef - create and maintain formfiles used by form


formdef [-c] [-adfqu123 ] formfile [ newformfile ]


Formdef is a program used to create and modify the formfiles used by the terminal input program form.

If the -c flag is specified, the space taken by 'display attribute' is set to 0. The default value is 1 if this option is not specified.

When one or more of the flags -adfqu123 is specified the flags that are not specified are disabled. If none of these flags is specified all the flags are enabled.

-a add allowed

-d delete allowed

-f find allowed

-q query allowed

-u update allowed

-1 'Form Description' screen(s) enabled

-2 'actual form' screens(s) enabled

-3 'Field Description' screen(s) enabled

The formfile argument specifies the name of the formfile to be created or modified. It contains a description of each form, the C/Base RMSfiles that are used and a description of each field on each form. When formdef exits, the additions and changes made are written to this file.

The optional newformfile argument specifies an alternate output file name. If this argument is specified, the output from formdef is written to this file, and the formfile file is not changed.



Chapter 5, Creating Formfiles.

Chapter 6, Advanced Form Features.