makelf - make an RMSfile


makelf datafile records [deffile]


This command creates an empty RMSfile with room enough for the specified number of records. When creating an RMSfile for the first time, use the createlf command instead.

If the deffile argument is present, it is used as the RMS definition file. If the deffile argument is omitted, the RMS definition file is assumed to be in $HOME\def directory and must have the same name as the RMSfile. This command creates both the dictionary and the RMSfile and overwrites any existing RMSfile or RMS dictionary without warning.


$HOME\def\datafile RMS definition file


cdict(C-1), lfadmin(C-1).


If the datafile argument has the form dbname~lfile or ~lfile, makelf makes the RMSfile using the database name dbname and the logical file name lfile. The file must have previously been entered into the database catalog by using createlf. If the datafile argument has the form filename (i.e. it has neither a ~ nor \ in the name), then the file is created as a logical file name, filename, using the default database name.