makelog - make empty log file


makelog logfile


Makelog either creates an empty log file or clears an existing log file.

Logfile names the log file to be created or cleared. Log files can be shared between databases. Because of this, a log file is not unique to one database. Therefore, logfile must be a pathname.

Log files and system backups should be considered a matched set. When a new system backup is created, a new log file should also be started. Likewise, the contents of an existing log file should not be cleared (removed) without first doing system backups.


drestore(C-1), dbadmin(C-1)

Chapter 2, Databases.


Makelog will create an empty file (zero bytes) or truncate any existing file to zero (0) bytes. This feature may not be supported in future releases.

There must not be any processes running a C/Base command at the time the makelog command is run. If there is such a process, it could be doing transaction logging. The log entries it makes after makelog finishes would be impossible to restore with drestore(C-1). In addition, the data logged prior to running makelog would be lost.