pform - print contents of formfile used by form


pform [-d] formfile [textfile ]


Pform prints the contents of the form description file formfile to textfile or the standard output file if textfile is omitted.

If no option is given, the form is printed in long report format. Each form printed, separated by a form feed, consists of a form description, a representation of how the form appears on the screen and a description of the fields in the form. To properly print the form, the TERM variable must be set to the kind of terminal on which the form is normally used.

If the -d flag is used, the form is printed in a condensed format suitable for input to cform(C-1). This flag is for use in porting formfiles to other systems.


form(C-1), formdef(C-1), cform(C-1).

C/Base Utilities Manual Chapter 6, Transferring C/Base Applications.