removelf - remove a logical RMSfile catalog entry


removelf lname


This command is for internal RMSfile catalog maintenance only. It is run only by other C/Base commands. To remove a RMSfile, use the lfadmin(C-1) or deletelf(C-1) command.

Removelf removes the logical RMSfile from RMSfile catalog. This command does not remove the actual RMSfile. Once a catalog entry for an RMSfile has been removed, it can no longer be referenced by its logical name.

Lname specifies the logical name of an RMSfile. Valid formats for lname are:




The first form explicitly names the database. The latter two forms use the shell environment variable DBASE to define the database name.


deletelf(C-1), dbrm(C-1), lfupd(C-1), lfadmin(C-1).


removelf may not be supplied in future releases.

The C/Base command lfadmin(C-1) performs the operations of addlf(C-1), createlf(C-1), dbfile(C-1) and removelf(C-1). The binary program for lfadmin is copied to each of the above programs for backwards compatibility. In addition, for all programs copied from the lfadmin program, each one has a corresponding resource file copied from the lfadmin resource file (\cbase\lib\cbase\resource\lfadmin.r).