rptrm - remove a logical report


rptrm [-vx] [lreport]


Rptrm removes a logical reportfile that is no longer needed. In addition to removing the reportfile, rptrm also removes the catalog entry for the logical reportfile and the compiled version of the reportfile if it exists. Once removed, the reportfile is no longer accessible.

The following flags apply to rptrm:

-v Displays progress information on standard output.

-x Displays on standard output the commands run by rptrm.

Lreport specifies the name of the logical reportfile. If the lreport argument is omitted, a parameter form is displayed requesting the name of the logical reportfile. This form accepts input in the same manner as form(C-1).

If the catalog entry for lreport has the precompiled status set to yes, the pathname of the compiled version of the report is formed by appending .rw to the pathname of the reportfile. The compiled version of the logical reportfile is removed if it exists.


rptedit(C-1), rptupd(C-1), wtrdef(C-1), form(C-1).