rptupd - update the logical reportfile catalog


rptupd -a [-v ] [-C comment] [-P boolean] -S sysname lreport
rptupd -d [-v ] lreport
rtupd -u [-v] [-C comment] [-P boolean] [-S sysname] lreport


This command is for internal reportfile catalog maintenance only. It is
run only by other C/Base commands. Use the rptadmin(C-1) command for
general reportfile catalog manipulation.

Each invocation of rptupd either adds, updates or deletes a reportfile
entry from the report catalog. It is the only C/Base command that
physically alters the reportfile catalog.

One of the following flags must be specified to indicate the operation
to be performed by rptupd:

-a Adds an entry for the named logical reportfile to the reportfile
catalog. Lreport names the logical reportfile. The -S flag must
be specified when adding a logical reportfile entry to the reportfile
catalog. Sysname, supplied with the -S flag, specifies the pathname
of the reportfile. This can be an absolute pathname or a pathname
relative to the home directory of the database.

The -C flag initializes the description catalog field. If this flag
is omitted, the description field is set to null. The -P flag
specifies the precompile status of a reportfile. If this flag is
omitted, the precompile status is set to no.

-d Deletes the logical reportfile entry for lreport from the
reportfile catalog. The physical reportfile is not removed from
the system.

-u Updates the catalog entry for the existing logical reportfile
lreport. At least one of the optional flags (-C, -P, or -S) must
be supplied when updating a logical reportfile entry.

The meanings of the optional flags are:

-v Displays progress information on standard output.

-C comment
Supplies the description of lreport that is stored with logical
reportfile entry. If the -C flag is specified, comment is required
and must be quoted if embedded with blanks, tabs or newlines. If
this flag is omitted when adding a logical reportfile, the
description is set to null. If this flag is omitted when the -u
flag is specified, the description for the logical reportfile is

-P boolean
Specifies the precompile status of lreport. The precompile status
indicates whether a compiled version of the report should be
maintained for a logical reportfile. Boolean is either set to yes,
maintain a compiled version of the report, or no, do not maintain a
compiled version for lreport. If a compiled reportfile is maintained,
the pathname for the compiled version of the report is formed by
appending .rw to the pathname of the logical reportfile.

-S sysname
Names the system pathname for the logical reportfile lreport.
Sysname can be an absolute pathname (e.q. /usr/cbase/demo/rpt/mag).


rptedit(C-1), grace(C-1), crw(C-1), wtr(C-1), rptadmin(C-1).