dblist - list database catalog






dblist [-v] [ dbname ]


Dblist lists either all databases defined or all logical RMSfiles defined for one database. If dbname is not given, all currently defined databases are printed. If dbname is given, all logical files currently defined for the database are printed. The -v flag lists the output in a more verbose form. The descriptions of the databases or logical RMSfiles are printed in addition to the names. Without the -v flag, just the database names or logical RMSfile names are printed.


dbfile(C-1), dbhome(C-1), dbadmin(C-1).



All output is written to standard output. Dblist may not be supplied in future releases. The C/Base command dbadmin(C-1) performs the operations of dblist(C-1), dbhome(C-1), dbadd(C-1) dbcreate(C-1) and dbremove(C-1). The binary program for dbadmin is copied to each of the above programs for backwards compatibility. In addition, for all programs copied from the dbadmin program, each one has a corresponding resource file copied from the dbadmin resource file (/usr/cbase/lib/cbase/resource/dbadmin.r).