dbremove - remove a database definition


dbremove dbname


This command is for internal database catalog maintenance only. It is run only by other C/Base commands. Dbremove removes a database definition from the C/Base database catalog. This does not remove the actual database, only its database catalog definition. Before a database definition can be removed, all logical RMSfiles, reportfiles and formfiles for that database must be removed. Only users that can remove the home directory of a database can remove the database definition from the database catalog using this command.


lfrm(C-1), deletelf(C-1), rptrm(C-1), formrm(C-1), dbadmin(C-1), dbrm(C-1).


To completely remove a database, use the dbrm(C-1) command. Dbremove may not be supplied in future releases. The C/Base command dbadmin(C-1) performs the operations of dblist(C-1), dbhome(C-1), dbadd(C-1) dbcreate(C-1) and dbremove(C-1). The binary program for dbadmin is copied to each of the above programs for backwards compatibility. In addition, for all programs copied from the dbadmin program, each one has a corresponding resource file copied from the dbadmin resource file (/usr/cbase/lib/cbase/resource/dbadmin.r).