prtset - set up a printer to use with grace(C-1)




prtset(C-1) provides a convenient method for setting up printers.
These printers will be used by grace(C-1).

Enter Break Character

This field specifies the character that will be used to signal the end
of an escape sequence. When the break character is entered the escape
sequence will be saved and a prompt will ask if another escape sequence
is to be enetered.

Use Decimal Notation?

This field specifies the method in which the escape sequence will be
entered. Entering a 'Y' or pressing will allow for the entering
of escape sequences by the decimal (ASCII) value of each individual
character in the sequence. Entering a 'N' will allow the input of the
actual escape sequence. This method allow for the , ,,
and other mixed key combinations.

Enter Printer Name

In this field the name of the printer is entered. This name will be
displayed in the Printer Name field of the Output Destination screen in
grace(C-1). A string of no more than 16 characters may be entered.
The printer name is the primary key within the cbase~prsetup datafile.

Enter Printer Id

This field accepts an integer value that will be used to identify the
printer. This is the secondary key in the cbase~prsetup datafile.
This id number will be displayed in the Printer Id field of the Output
Destination screen in grace(C-1). A numeric value of no more than 5
digits may be entered.

Enter Port Name

This field specifies the printer port or spooler. This string tells
wtr(C-1) where to send the report output. This field has a maximum
string length of 80 characters.

Enter Description n of 5

The description is the name of the escape sequence that will be associated
with the escape sequence entered in the next field. This description
will be displayed in the Sequence Description box in the Output Destination
screen in grace(C-1). The maximum string length for a description is
40 characters. Example: "Compressed landscape TMS RM"

Enter escape sequence for description

This where the actual escape sequence is entered. In Decimal Notation
mode an escape sequence is entered by entering the decimal (ASCII) value
of one character followed by a carriage return. In Letter Notation mode
the exact escape sequence can be entered using the , ,
or any other charcters. To save an escape sequence enter the break

NOTE: This program does not allow the editing of escape sequences. If
a mistake is made then the whole process must be repeated. This applies
to both input methods.

Up to five (5) descriptions and escape sequences may be entered for one
printer. After each escape sequence has been entered and saved a message
will appear asking if another escape sequence is going to be entered.
If Yes, then the program will prompt for a new description name and then
another escape sequence. A running count of the number of sequences
entered is displayed on the same line as the description prompt.